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Join the First True Loyalty Marketplace

Deliver a truly engaging and rewarding experience for your customers – transform the customer relationship into a partnership based on trust and a mutually beneficial value exchange.

customer insight@2x

Gain Total Customer Insight

Reach rewards customers for sharing data with you; you’ll get actionable 360° insights into consumer behavior with data unavailable through existing resources.

personalized experience@2x

Create Truly Personalized Experiences

Tailor opportunities and content based on rich customer data, all obtained with transparency and full legal compliance.

loyalty programs@2x

Use Existing Loyalty Programs

If you have a loyalty program, Reach works with it symbiotically, complementing existing program features. Rewarding Customers with Reach Dollars that can only be spent in the Marketplace reduces discounting and reliance on affiliate programs, ensuring maximized ROI.

WHY Reach? WHY Now?

Because we’ve done our research.

Consumers want more meaningful engagement with the brands they love, and fair compensation for sharing data.


Because we enable truly customized engagement opportunities.

Brands can provide a new level of personalization at scale, with rich customer insights built on data unobtainable through third-parties.


Because we make security and compliance easy.

The Reach platform ensures data security and trouble-free compliance with the increasing rules and regulations of GDPR and CCPA.

Start building stronger customer
relationships now.